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Outline for Chapter on Bot Fighting and Anti Reverse Engineering

[[This is Outline of Chapter 29 from “beta” Volume VIII of the upcoming book "Development&Deployment of Multiplayer Online Games", which is currently being beta-tested. Beta-testing is intended to improve the quality of the book, and provides free e-copy of the "release" book to those who help with improving; for further details see "Book Beta Testing". All the content published during Beta Testing, is subject to change before the book is published. To navigate through the "1st beta" of the book, you may want to use Development&Deployment of MOG: Table of Contents.]] As I am speaking on CPPCON2017 on Friday, I…

FWIW: I’m speaking at ACCU conference on Apr 24th in Bristol, UK

???rabbit-acknowledgement after rabbit-references??? Just to inform everybody who might be interested: I am going to speak at ACCU conference, which will be held on Apr 25-29, 2017 in Bristol, UK. My presentation titled “Deterministic Components for Interactive Distributed Systems: Benefits and Implementation”, is scheduled on Apr 24th, at 2pm. The presentation is going to cover determinism benefits (from production post-mortem analysis to replay-based regression testing) and ways to implement it – give or take along the lines of discussion on determinism in Chapter V (Reactors) and Chapter XVII (Databases) of my upcoming book “D&D of MOGs” (a.k.a. #DDMOG). “I WANT YOUJust in case if somebody…