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Each and every of successful team leads has their own philosophy. And while there is no “one correct” philosophy (in the very same manner as there is no “one correct” religion), different philosophies lead to different results.

Of course, as successful team leads, IT Hares have their own philosophy, which they’re not ashamed to share.

Development Philosophy, page 1/2 :

Knowledge-Sharing Architects As An Alternative to Coding Architects

“Yes, a coding architect might work (and is indeed orders of magnitude better than an architect who has no clue about the code), but a knowledge-sharing architect will generally work better.”
Another Quote:
“As a nice side effect, the very same knowledge sharing weakens a dependency on the architect (and reducing any dependency on a specific person is a Universally Good Thing™).”

DIY vs Re-Use: In Search of Balance from upcoming book “Design&Development of MMOG”

“The biggest problem with building your game around 3rd-party game engine is that in this case, the game engine becomes your Absolute Dependency”
Another Quote:
“In future chapters we will keep in mind three specific game/network engines, and will discuss their pros and cons with relation to the issues we are raising. These engines are Unity 5, Unreal Engine 4, and Photon Server”