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Your mileage may vary. Batteries not included

Different teams use very different development processes, with very different results.

IT Hares have collectively spent quite a bit of time developing in small- and medium-sized teams, and are ready to share their own experiences with different development processes.

Development Processes, page 1/2 :

DevOps for MOGs

“This communication channel (coming from Operations back to Development) is extremely important to have a game which is able to work anywhere-reliably in the real world”
Another Quote:
“Most importantly, our processes should allow these different production cycles to co-exist.”

Knowledge-Sharing Architects As An Alternative to Coding Architects

“Yes, a coding architect might work (and is indeed orders of magnitude better than an architect who has no clue about the code), but a knowledge-sharing architect will generally work better.”
Another Quote:
“As a nice side effect, the very same knowledge sharing weakens a dependency on the architect (and reducing any dependency on a specific person is a Universally Good Thing™).”

C++ Guidelines – Made-to-Measure vs One-Size-Fits-All

“After bashing all those Big Name guys for making those over-arching sets of guidelines, it is perfectly logical for me myself to do the same ?”
“DON’T use C-style cast, EVER. If you DO need a cast – DO spend time on figuring out which of C++ *_cast<>s you really mean (and maybe, you’ll find a way to avoid that cast at all)”