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This category consists of posts which form “1st beta” of the Vol. IV-VI (Development) of the upcoming 3-volume monster “Development & Deployment of Multiplayer Online Games”. Please note that order of the posts is “as they were published on this site”, and is not exactly the same as the order of the Chapters within Vol. 2. For Chapters in correct order – please refer to ToC of Vol. 2.

D&D of MOGs: Vol. IV-VI (1st beta), page 1/7 :

Production Crashes. Post-factum Debugging. Logging. Replayable Deterministic Re(Actors)

“I’ve seen game companies with hundreds of thousands of dollars lost per hour of unplanned server downtime.”
Another Quote:
“deterministic debugging is by far the best thing I have seen for production debugging.”

TCP Peculiarities as Applied to Games, Part II

“Nagle’s algorithm aims to deal with those [CENSORED] developers who’re trying to send data over TCP in really small chunks (like 1 byte each time)”
Another Quote:
“it seems that “proportional rate reduction” (PRR, reportedly used by Linux kernels by default starting from 3.2) performs for gaming purposes a little bit better than the alternatives”

TCP Peculiarities for Games, part 1

“the best we can hope when using a single TCP connection over 5%-loss channel – is having 1.5-second “lag spike” every 5 or so minutes, and a 3-second “lag spike” every 2 hours.”
Another Quote:
“we may already have the-information-we-need on the receiving host – but this information is hidden from us by layers of abstraction on receiving side”

Packet Loss for an App-Level Developer. Part II. Last Mile, Wi-Fi, and Summary

“Burstable packet loss. May be caused by a neighbor preparing his breakfast”
Another Quote:
“if there is a NAT device on the way from your Client to your Server – a sudden IP change can occur with absolutely no notification to Client whatsoever.”