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MCUs are quite different from traditional-CPUs-we’re-dealing-with-most-of-the-time, and often require different handling.

MCU, page 1/1 :

Journaled Flash Storage – Emulating EEPROM over Flash, ACID Transactions, and More. Part II – Existing Implementations by Atmel, SiLabs, TI, STM, and Microchip

“Whenever a developer is using something named ‘X Emulation over Y’, she may expect that a faithful emulation exhibits the same properties as original (non-emulated) X.”
Another Quote:
“Unfortunately, as discussed in detail above, none of five implementations is a really faithful EEPROM emulation.”

Modified Harvard Architecture: Clarifying Confusion

Definition of “Modified Harvard” architecture is confusing and overbroad. Proposed alternatives are “Almost-Harvard” and “Almost-von-Neumann”
“One thing nobody realised for a while is that the system with the least possible amount of chargebacks is the system which rejects all transactions outright”